In four years at San Diego State University, Bella worked her way up to being the editor in chief of her campus newspaper, completed three investigative reporting internships and two degree programs in journalism and political science. 

She is driven by the opportunity to use writing and photography to better understand the world around her while helping others to do the same. This effort takes many different forms, whether that be breaking down complicated ballot measures, holding public officials to account or tackling complex cultural issues in everyday language. She is passionate about removing the jargon and democratizing knowledge through whatever means necessary.

Bella is a writer, but she also knows she is more than her job title. After hours, she likes to spend too much time and money indulging in the world of vintage cameras. Her weekends tend to include a lot of thrifting, doodling and picnicking – usually in elaborate outfits.

College Republicans lean into right-wing rebrand in return to campus

After a rough start to the calendar year, the San Diego State College Republicans are looking to make a comeback on campus. But the organization’s return to campus didn’t come without a major rebrand. SDSU College Republicans President Oliver Krvaric said, ideologically, their ideas probably land far from your grandma’s vision of republicanism. Krvaric said he rejects the “lukewarm” conservatism of the baby boomer generation in exchange for a new, more controversial approach. “Our stances in p